"I heart" Standard (included at no additional cost on every order)

Screen Printing custom t-shirts is an art form that takes years to master and here at I heart Custom Shirts there's nothing standard about our standard screen printing process. There's no reason why you should be charged more to get a great quality print. We use a special hybrid style of printing to accomplish a great print with bright colors while keeping the print very soft to the touch. The print actually gets softer and better after you wash it, good luck having other printers make you that promise! We offer these inks at no additional cost. PLEASE NOTE that unless you note it or mention it otherwise, this is the style of printing we will use for all orders placed with us. (NOTE: Unless you are trying to achieve a distressed or vintage effect, we only recommend this hybrid print onto 100% cotton shirts. Traditional Plastisol Inks will always be used on blend garments and work apparel.) 


Discharge printing is the process of basically bleaching the dye out of the shirt, leaving it's natural color showing through (usually a tan color). It's also possible to PMS match discharge ink, however results vary depending on shirt color and brand. 


Water-based printing is very similar to discharge printing but it's meant for white and light colored shirts. The inks are dyed into the fibers/fabric of the garment. 


This is the traditional style of printing most shops use. These inks are much thicker and rougher than our standard printing, and the ink actually ends up sitting on top of the shirt. DON'T WORRY though, we actually mix additives into our plastisol inks to make them smoother and not as thick, because we know nobody wants to wear an uncomfortable shirt. Please Note: Plastisol Inks must be used on all 50/50 tees in place of our Standard Inks. 


This is the method of printing used when printing a full color image and/or photograph in bulk. Every design requires individual attention so it's best for you to email us your design and we can tell you the best way to print it. Due to the difficulty involved, there is a one-time set up fee to get your artwork ready for printing and also a higher minimum required.